The Township Zoning Commission consists of five residents appointed by the trustees to five-year terms. Alternates may also be appointed to fill in for any board member not present at proceedings. The terms are staggered so the term of one member expires each year. The Zoning Commission meets approximately four times per year for the purpose of developing and maintaining a plan regulating land use within the unincorporated areas of the township. This plan, set forth both in texts and maps, indicates permitted and prohibited uses of all land within the township. Actions of the Zoning Commission are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

There are currently several seats open on the Zoning Commission. Residents from the unincorporated area of the township are encouraged to express interest in an appointment to the board if concerned with planning and zoning matters affecting the township. See employment opportunities for more information.

Sarah Gartland

  • Term expires 12-31-2018 

POSITION IS VACANT- Please see Employment Opportunities if interested in serving.

  • Term expires 12-31-2019

Taylor Montgomery

  • Term expires 12-31-2020

William Irons

  • Term expires 12-31-2021

Troy Heckathorn

  • Term expires 12-31-2022





Susan D. Montgomery, Fiscal Officer

  • Appointed zoning secretary 10-24-2016