Mike Hall

Cemetery Sexton

330 872-0003

Cemeteries managed by the Newton Township Trustees are:

Newton Township operates and maintains seven cemeteries located within the township which includes the Village of Newton Falls. The Board of Trustees are responsible for the oversight of all cemeteries.

All inquiries regarding purchases of grave plots and rules for decorating of grave plots and head stones in all cemeteries managed by Newton Township must be obtained directly from Mike Hall, Cemetery Sexton.

Newton Township employees are responsible for the opening and closing of all grave plots as well as all maintenance, mowing and trimming of Newton Township Cemeteries.  Newton Township workers will treat each family with dignity and respect at their time of loss, during and after the burial process.  The township strives to maintain a beautiful final resting place for your loved ones, now and in the future, and we are very proud of the work that our dedicated employees perform in the Newton Township Cemeteries.


The Newton Township Cemetery Association is a non profit organization that oversees the chapel at the Newton Falls East Cemetery. This all volunteer group is committed to the restoration of all Newton Township cemeteries and has spent countless hours researching and documenting all grave sites and repairing damaged/aged grave markers and monuments. They donate time, labor, money and materials to preserve the history of the cemeteries in the township. They are also working to develop new cemetery maps and enter information into a database to modernize records and reduce the time necessary to locate cemetery information. The group's most recent project was fundraising for the restoration of the old historical fence and gates at the Newton Falls East Cemetery. The Newton Township Cemetery Association is funded solely by private donations, fund raisers and membership dues. Annual memberships to help further the goals of the Association are $10.00 per member and $5.00 per member's spouse.Meetings are held monthly at the Newton Township Administration Building as noted on the calendar of events and the public is welcome and encouraged to attend.